Happy Thanksgiving, it’s cold Colorado! 

I love the snow!!  A Floridian by birth, it still amazes and mystifies me. I love the way you can smell the snow, it’s clean and crisp. It’s better than any candle I’ve ever smelled, even at Yankee candle. Lucky for me Colorado has had an early spat of snow in my area and has decided to stick for a change! 

Snow and Lasagna 

Now this doesn’t look fancy to most people, but I’m pretty sure this was heaven to my husband. I’ve been feeding us really healthy lately, so as a surprise I made lasagna for the recent cold weather last night.   

I used these oven ready lasagna noodles for the first time and I have to say they were delicious! As an awesome wife I also found the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles for my husband. We are both huge nerds and I haven’t seen my husband so pleased over a meal and entertainment in some time! So if your in a food rut, try this lasagna. I just used the recipe on the box and it made enough for two days left overs. (I bought store brand pasta sauce to lower the cost, and added onion and green peppers for flavor) It didn’t snow last night, but it was 30 when we woke up and husband even had some for breakfast. I’m preggo self had a whole wheat bagel with fruit… I’m eating for the baby after all, it’s not all about me anymore. Sigh 😁

Soon to be mom in Denver


Its fall here in Denver, the weather is changing and so is my life. I’m from Florida, and I ended up here in Denver on a whim in 2014. I had never experienced winter before, leaves changing still makes me jump for joy and had no idea how to scrape snow off my windshield. What the hell was I thinking? Fast forward to today, I’m 23 weeks pregnant and watching the fall leaves fall from my home in the suburbs. image

This time next year I’ll be playing with my one year old daughter in those leaves. How freaking exciting! I’m going to teach her to enjoy ever single day, from big to small. I’m really hoping for a daughter that actually gets excited about leaves like her mother.  I picture a two person dance party, laughing the day away. It’s gorgeous outside and we are supposed to get our first snow of the season tonight! Just a few more months sweet baby, and I get to see your darling face! I cannot wait!

Rays Fan Since 1998

As a child, my greatest memories are of my father and I watching baseball. We watched every team, and never really followed anyone specifically.  As I remember it was just the sport I first fell in love with. When we heard that Tampa was getting a team, I fell in love all over again; I finally had a team!  I was enamored with the prospect of attending a World Series that “Our Team” was playing in.  The icing on the cake was Wade Boggs and Fred McGriff were in our starting lineup, was I dreaming? In 1998 we only won
63 games but it was only our first season, and I’m a Bucs fan so “rebuilding year” has been in my vocabulary since I uttered mama and dada. The Trop to me is filled with childhood memories that never included a rain delay, or a nasty sunburn.  At a time when baseball is tainted with steroid use and overpaid players, I am taking the time to enjoy a 17-6 start to the season.  To all of you who are complaining about T.V. schedules, concerts, parking and the future of our team, remember 2008 when we were just happy to be winning. Sit back, relax and enjoy a cold beer and hot dog.  I miss baseball as it was where players had a sense of pride, and team unity.  The Rays and Joe Maddon have given it all back to me, and I find myself falling in love with the team and the sport of baseball all over again.